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3 times this month i have seen a 100 percenter losing record and being restored to 100% next day,this seems curious
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if you go to recent games, you have up to 24 hours to retry a puzzle
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I've had to go back and retry puzzles hours later or even the next day when the site has gone down or I've had Comcast outages or sometimes when I've had to get up from the computer (usually to deal with kids) and ended up getting distracted and forgetting I had a live puzzle going. I'm glad I can go back and restore my pathological need to get 100%, but it does demolish your average time.
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Default I'm Sloe and I'm a 100%-er

Still addicted to 100% solve rate and this is me backsliding further into the abyss

I do have a few 100% trophies now but my average solve time is almost always above 240 sec. I have noticed I get anonymously recognized when I have the highest time spent on a quote, I reset that number at the right end of the bell curve. I've done that more times than I would like to admit. My goals now are 100% solve rate while staying under the high-water mark on the bell curve for solve time of each quote.

And this group has only made my 100%'ers addiction seem acceptable. I suppose I'll have to look elsewhere if I really want a cure.

I do agree there should be an elite award for the 100%'ers with an average solve rate lower than 30 sec. This makes them the true crypto-gods as far as I'm concerned and I am not worthy to be in the same 100%'ers top 20 as them.
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I always try for 100 percent. If I get stuck on a quote I will walk away for a while, even for hours. It always works, but my solve times are high.
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